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Titanium BMX Spokes Natural Colour Each Upto 245mm

*Please read the information below before placing your order for titanium spokes as terms & conditions will apply - By continuing with your order you are agreeing to the terms & conditions - Thank you*

These are our Titanium BMX Spokes. Our Titanium BMX Spokes come in a range  of Colours; Natural, Blue, Gold, Purple and our most popular colour... Rainbow. There is a Massive Advantage to using Titanium BMX Spokes and a few myths out there too about using Titanium BMX Spokes. Riding with Titanium Spokes Dramatically saves weight on your bike overall & most importantly for the rotation weight of your wheels when you're riding. 

There are few myths out there concerning Wheel Builds using Titanium BMX Spokes, myths about Titanium BMX Spokes blowing out... (Which most people generally take from years old posts from old online BMX forums). Wheel Strength is in the Wheel Build, and, depending on who builds your wheels you should not have a problem using our Titanium BMX Spokes. All BMX spokes will stretch after time, Titanium BMX spokes will stretch a little more & a little quicker than regular BMX spokes, so, with a little retention after a few hard sessions, this will keep your wheels as Good as New! You only have to look at how hard Harry Main & Alex Coleborn session on Titanium Wheel sets built by us to know you can trust our Titanium Wheel Builds. We have built so many wheel sets using Titanium BMX spokes for so many riders with no problems. Our Titanium BMX Spokes, especially the Titanium Rainbow  BMX spokes, are now our most popular selling BMX spokes!   

Our Titanium BMX Spokes are for special order only.

We Supply Any Titanium BMX Spoke Size Up to 245mm. When Ordering our Titanium BMX spokes,  just pick the colour spokes you want and let us know when confirming your order what size Titanium spokes you need. If you do not know what size Titanium spokes you need, just let us know what hubs and rims you have (if you haven't ordered hubs & rims from us) and we'll work the spoke length out for you.

Please Read Before Placing your Order:

As our Titanium BMX spokes are made to order, payment is taken when your order is received. There is NO REFUND available on Titanium spokes ordered in the wrong size spoke, wrong spoke colour or wrong spoke quantity as our Titanium spokes are made for each customers personal spoke preference. 

*Please be 100% Sure of what size, colour & quantity Titanium spokes you wish to order before you place your order as there is No Refund available for wrongly ordered Titanium Spokes!*

Titanium Spoke Colours include:

Natural Grey/ Silver @
£2.25 Each. 

Blue, Gold, Purple and Rainbow @ £2.75 Each 

*Please note, does not inclued nipples*

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*Please allow upto 28 days for delivery.*

Compliment your spokes with these Halo Alloy Coloured Nipples.







Titanium BMX Spokes Natural Colour
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